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Lady Walker Cleaning started a Project line in February of 2011. Due to special requests by LWC clients, Robin Walker decided to launch a section of the company dedicated to handling special projects for clients households. These projects range from simply organizing a clients closet to managing an entire move, landscape design and home-prep for sale. As owner of LWC, Robin Walker oversees all projects, making sure that each detail expressed by the client is met.
If you are in need of closet organization, seasonal clothing changes, overseeing of constuction, managing a home while in transition from living in to selling, or any other project where you just need help with, LWC is the place to turn for quality service.

Below, you will see a collection of photos taken at The Monterey House. Robin Walker and her team of professionals packed, stored, shipped, and staged every item belonging to the home owners. The home belonged to a family of 4, with 7 dogs and 2 cats. The home was transformed within a matter of months to show what you see now. Robin Walker revamped the landscape, staged the home and oversaw all construction and moving.


Below are a few closets that we change out the
Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter clothes.

Contact us today if you are in need of some organization or home management.

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